Cutting Your Cancer Risk

Does reducing the number of cancer deaths around the world by one-third sound like a lofty goal? 9 simple lifestyle changes could do just that and have a dramatic impact on cancer’s death toll, according to a recent study. Here’s what all of us can do to cut the risk.

Reducing cancer's death toll through prevention

Ever heard the saying "prevention is the best medicine"? A recent study found that this strategy could dramatically reduce the number of people who die of cancer every year.


Take control of your cancer risk

Knowing which lifestyle factors have a worldwide impact on cancer risk is important, but how can you tell which factors actually affect your life?


Three strikes: smoking, drinking, and obesity

Smoking, drinking, and obesity are the three biggest risk factors affecting people in countries like Canada. Here are some strategies to help you fight the battle against cancer on these three fronts.


More things you can do to cut your cancer risk

Your weight and smoking and drinking habits aren't the only things that can affect your cancer risk. Here are strategies for managing some of the other risk factors you should know about.


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