Seniors' Health

Canada’s population is graying, with almost 5 million seniors – people aged 65 and over – making up almost 14% of our population as of 2009. And that number is growing fast as more of us are living longer, healthier lives. Here are some tips for healthy living in your “golden years.”

Quack attack!

Looking for that quick fix for a health problem? Don't get taken in by quacks - people who knowingly sell worthless, unproven, even downright dangerous remedies. Learn how to protect yourself.


Can't sleep a wink?

It's normal to have trouble falling asleep once in a while, but as we get older, sleep problems become much more common. We'll explain why - and what you can do to finally catch 40 winks.


Caution: herbs are also drugs

From arthritis to prostate problems, more seniors are turning to natural or herbal remedies for relief. Unfortunately, many herbs can interact badly with the medications you're taking. Which combinations should you watch for?


No more trips, slips, or falls

Watch out! Falls are the biggest cause of serious injury and accidental death among seniors. Find out how to make your home safer and prevent falls.


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