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Why bother with medications?

It may be hard to see the point of taking medications for high blood pressure - a condition that you can't see or feel. But the hidden health benefits are well worth the effort. Read more

Appetite and willpower

Can't stop eating? Ever blame lack of willpower or lack of self-control? To what extent does being able to control your appetite have to do with mind over matter? Read more

Types of drug allergy

If you think drug allergies are just the sniffles or an itchy throat, think again. Find out more about different types of drug allergies. Read more

The estrogen question

With all the talk about hormone replacement therapy, how can you tell if it's for you? This section offers information on the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy and to help you decide what's right for you. Read more

Diabetes detective

Trying to keep blood sugar levels under control requires frequent monitoring, so home testing kits are particularly helpful. Read more

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