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"You have prostate cancer"

Doug was 49 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage II prostate cancer. His experience can help you learn more about prostate cancer screening and diagnosis. Read more

What is your risk of prostate cancer?

Take this quiz to learn about what can affect your risk of developing prostate cancer. While we don't know the exact causes of cancer, there are trends that men with prostate cancer share. Read more

Sexing up your relationship

Good sex is not only good for your health, it's also good for your relationship. Find out why all couples should spend a bit more time in the bedroom! Read more

The laser's edge

For more than two decades, laser eye surgery has offered Canadians a way to walk away from glasses and contact lenses. Is laser eye surgery right for you? Read more

Gum disease

Did you think that hockey is the leading cause of tooth loss in Canada? No, it's gum disease! No one wants to talk about it, but the gums play an important role in keeping your teeth for a lifetime. Read more

Cosmetic dentistry

Getting that Hollywood smile is becoming more and more popular. What options are available, and what do you need to know before deciding whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you? Read more

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